Drifting is more concise language for The Non-purpose Driven Life The other title I considered was Words of a Non-writer.  If you can not define something it is often helpful to define what it isn’t.  I have not lived a purpose driven life and I am definitely not a writer.  So why I am writing? ... Continue Reading →

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New Year and The Excellent Green Card Table

"Whatever happened to the excellent green card table?" That was what I was thinking this morning while standing in my closet staring at all those clothes I don't want to wear. During my shower I had decided I should start getting rid of excess junk, clear things out for the new year. Just throwing it... Continue Reading →

Career Change

Job Application Position Desired:  Mega Millionaire Reason Position Desired:  I have had many years experience of surviving off very little.  While proud of my success and achievements, I feel that I have exhausted any potential for growth in my current position and am ready to extend myself by learning how to live with resources.  While... Continue Reading →

Freak Show

“She’s perfect, perfect height, perfect weight, perfect development for a 12 year old.”  Too bad it was my 8 year old check up.  I really liked Dr. Bell, but he wasn’t helping.  All I wanted as a child was to be “normal”, to just blend in and not stick out like some sort of freak.... Continue Reading →

Grieving? (Mom Finale)

When mom died my most comforting thought was that at least there would be no more surprises.  That last one was a big one, but it was over.  I'd never have to hear that I was the most selfish person, the most ungrateful child, or the bad seed (an old black and white movie that... Continue Reading →

Molly and the Happy Pills (Mom part 3)

"I know how I got rheumatoid arthritis without a family history.  I was using the wrong family history, turns out it does run in my family."  "Wait, whaat?  Are you say.................no way."  "Yes, way and according to my dna I have at least a dozen genes linked to increased risk for RA."  "But what? How?"  "My... Continue Reading →

I Got This, Not

I had a friend who liked to say "I got this", especially when the situation had gotten so out of control as to be completely unmanageable.  Ironically it's also how I felt about child rearing.  Sure in the beginning the concept of being totally responsible for a helpless human being was daunting to say the... Continue Reading →

Stop and Smell the Roses

"I love how your voice goes high and then drops down to the note."  No one except Mrs. Weger could say "wow, you really can't sing" so nicely.  No matter how nice she said it the truth is I really can't sing.  I had tried to explain this to Daddy when he insisted I participate... Continue Reading →

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